How CodeRED Works

Using Addresses to Call Citizens in an Emergency

When a situation arises in La Grange, Village staff will turn to the Internet and the CodeRED mapping tools to designate a call area based on addresses. With the push of a few buttons, a pre-recorded message describing the situation will be delivered to people or their answering machines in the affected area.

This message can also include instructions requiring action on the part of the recipient. Some emergencies or disasters that might call for action include:

  • Boiling contaminated water
  • Evacuation
  • Sheltering in place

Once the situation is remedied, a call can be placed to the area signaling that the issue has been addressed and that normal activities can be resumed.

Geographical-Based System

CodeRED is a geographical-based system where street addresses are needed to select the telephone numbers that will receive emergency notification calls. The database has been supplied by the Emergency Communications Network but does not necessarily contain 100% of the information needed to call the targeted area. You can add or change your information on the CodeRED registration website.