Special Pick-Ups

Bulk Items

Furniture, appliances, carpet (rolled and secured not larger than four feet in length and two feet in diameter), mattresses, etc., are considered bulk items and will be collected separately from regular refuse.

Please affix two refuse stickers to each bulk item set out for collection. Bulk items are picked up on the same day as all other solid waste.

Large Quantities of Extra Trash

For large quantities of extra trash where a dumpster may be required, the resident should contact any one of the Village's licensed haulers. For a listing of contractors, call Village Hall at (708) 579-2300.

Back Door Collection

This optional service is available at an annual cost in addition to the refuse stickers, which still must be displayed on your containers. Call Republic Services at (708) 345-7050 to establish this service.

Toter Service

As an alternative to purchasing stickers, residents can subscribe to a toter service for refuse collection. Toters are wheeled carts with a 95-gallon capacity or 65-gallon capacity. Each cart holds the equivalent of three cans of garbage. Subscribers also receive a 65-gallon recycling toter.

Toters are completely enclosed with an attached lid to prevent odor problems and keep unwanted pests out of your trash. The cart service is a clean and convenient way to store and dispose of garbage. Material outside the toter still requires to refuse stickers.

Please contact Republic Services directly at (708) 345-7050 for monthly subscription rates.

Additional Pick-Ups

Special pick-ups, such as for lumber or other construction materials, must be scheduled with the hauler, Republic Services, at an additional cost by calling (708) 345-7050.

For More Information

Please contact the Village of La Grange at (708) 579-2313 or Republic Services at (708) 345-7050 for more information.