Water Services

La Grange Water System

The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Village's potable water system which includes:

  • 60 miles of water main
  • 4,500 water meters and services
  • 591 fire hydrants
  • 862 water valves

Department Responsibilities

The Department is responsible for complying with the water quality requirements of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, repairing water main breaks, operating the pumping stations, and inspecting water main connections to the Village's system.

Property Owner Responsibilities

The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the water service from the building up to and including its connection to the Village's water main. Should you require maintenance on your water service line, a permit from the Community Development Department is required. Only personnel from the Public Works Department are authorized to operate the valve located in the parkway (buffalo box.) If you have an emergency that requires the immediate attention of Public Works, such as a broken water line that cannot be turned off, please call the Public Works Department at (708) 579-2328 during regular business hours or the dispatch non-emergency number at (708) 215-3586 outside of regular business hours.