South of 47th Street


In the summer of 2014, the Village again experienced multiple high-intensity rain events that exceeded the limited capacity of the Village's sewer system resulting in flooded basements, streets, and rear yards. In response to the increasing frequency and intensity of rain events, the Village Board requested staff to pursue funding and engineering solutions that reduce flooding in an affordable and shorter time frame.

In September 2014, staff recommended to the Board a tiered approach to the prioritization of flooding objectives given the Village's limited resources. Based on this tiered approach, a contract with Baxter & Woodman was executed to update the hydraulic model of the area south of 47th Street to evaluate alternatives that directly address overland flooding in the depressional areas. View a copy of the report (PDF).

At the Village Board meeting on Monday, January 12, 2015, the Village conducted a workshop to discuss solutions to reduce flooding south of 47th Street. Specifically, the purpose of the workshop was to discuss the hydraulic and hydrology study completed by the Village Engineer that studied the affordability and effectiveness of flood mitigation projects south of 47th Street. The presentation included detailed information regarding the results and recommendations from the study. Staff also provided a review of the estimated cost for each alternative project. View this presentation (PDF).


In July 2010, the Village experienced an unprecedented amount of rainfall (over six inches in a twelve-hour period), which resulted in widespread flooding of streets, basements, rear yards and other low areas of the Village. While all neighborhoods were effected by the severe rain event, the area south of 47th Street between Brainard Avenue and La Grange Road, which traditionally has not experienced such wide spread flooding problems, was particularly impacted.

In order to more fully understand what happened, assess the capacity of the Village's sewer system, and develop possible solutions to reduce the frequency of flooding, the Village requested a proposal from the Village Engineer to conduct a preliminary drainage study for this neighborhood.

The drainage area studied encompasses the combined sewer area south of 47th Street to the southern limits of the Village, and from Willow Springs Road to East Avenue. An Executive Summary (PDF) of the Preliminary Engineering Assessment of the South Basin Drainage is provided which summarizes the findings and recommendations.

View a full copy of the report (PDF) (note this is a large file) or a copy is available for viewing at the Village Hall. 

South Basin Drainage Investigation (PDF)