Village of La Grange Building Code 

Be advised January 1, 2024 the updated State of Illinois Energy Code takes effect for all new projects.  Here is a link to the Illinois Amendments.

The Village updated the building codes in August of 2021.  Our current codes are listed below.  This page is current and any changes will be updated when they occur.

The Village's building codes are contained in Chapter 150 of the La Grange Code of Ordinances (PDF), along with administrative provisions related to building permits, property maintenance code, and other construction related regulations. 

A copy of the code books (2015 ICC codes, 2021 ICC IECC Energy Code and 2017 NEC) are available at Village Hall, and at the ICC publicAccess webpage (LINK).  You can search for the specific code and access the chapters on the left side of the page for no cost.

Copies of the State of Illinois Codes are below:

State Energy Code Amendments, State Plumbing Code, State Accessibility Code, and State Life Safety Code.

Effective Date - August 01, 2021 

The new codes are effective August 01, 2021. Permit applications submitted after August 1, 2021 are required to comply with the codes listed below;

2015 International Building Code

2015 International Residential Code

2015 International Property Maintenance Code

2015 International Existing Building Code

2015 International Mechanical Code

2015 International Fuel Gas Code

2015 International Fire Code

2015 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

2017 National Electrical Code 

2015 International Performance Code for Buildings

Current Edition Illinois Energy Conservation Code

Current Edition 101 Life Safety Code (Illinois Life Safety Code)

Current Edition Illinois Plumbing Code

Current Edition Illinois Accessibility Code