Opening a Business

Site Selection

If you are considering potential locations for your business, the Village can assist you in this process. The Available Properties map provides links to properties listed for sale or lease in La Grange. If you don't see something that matches your needs, please contact the Community Development Department at (708) 579-2320 to discuss. Please be sure to check the zoning of any property you are considering; permitted uses vary by zoning district. To review the permitted uses for a particular zoning district, please refer to the La Grange Zoning Code. If you have any questions regarding zoning, please contact Village Planner Kelsey Fawell at

Business Licensing

All new for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations operating within La Grange need to secure a business license or registration before opening. If you are unsure whether your business or organization requires a license or a registration please contact the Administration Department at (708) 579-2300 ext. 501.

To apply for a business license or registration please complete the business license and registration application. The entire application may now be completed through an online portal. Detailed instructions can be found on the Business Licensing page of this site. Once received, a business license and registration application will be reviewed by the necessary Village staff who will contact you through the portal if additional documentation is required. The business license or registration will not be issued until a certificate of occupancy has been approved (see below). 

The fee for most business licenses is $50; restaurants and other types of businesses have different fees as detailed in the business license application.  The business license fee is not due at the time of application; fees are paid at the time the approved license is issued.

All business licenses and registrations are renewed annually. Renewal reminders are emailed directly to licensed and registered businesses.

Certificate of Occupancy or Building Permit

A certificate of occupancy is required for all new businesses and not for profit organizations opening in La Grange. 

Building Permits

If you are planning to improve or modify your building or tenant space, you may need a building permit. A summary of the types of work requiring a permit (LINK) is available on the Village website. You can also contact the Community Development Department at (708) 579-2320 with questions. Building permits may now be applied for through an online portal, as described in detail on the Applying For a Building Permit page of this site. If you apply for and receive a building permit, a certificate of occupancy will be provided as part of the building permit and no separate application is required.

Certificates of Occupancy

If you will not be doing work requiring a building permit, you will be required to provide the information necessary for a certificate of occupancy as part of the business license application. 

Inspections from both the Community Development Department and the Fire Department are required prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. As the applicant, it is your responsibility to request the inspections when you are ready for them to be conducted; scheduling requests can be made through the online licensing and permitting portal.

Food Service Establishments

La Grange is proud to be home to many diverse food service establishments. If you plan to open a restaurant or other food service establishment, please contact the Community Development Department at 708-579-2300 ext. 106 to schedule a pre-application meeting. The Village of La Grange offers these pre-application meetings at no charge to help businesses navigate the health code, building code, business licensing, liquor code, zoning code and other considerations related to new food service businesses.

Quick Links / FAQs

Where can I file for an assumed business name (DBA)?

The Cook County Clerks Office accepts applications and issues DBA certificates. For more information contact: Assumed Business Names Unit at 312-603-5652 

Where can I apply for a sales tax identification number?

The Illinois Department of Revenue accepts applications for tax ID numbers. 

Where can I register my business or corporation

The Illinois Secretary of State processes applications for corporations and partnerships.