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Environmental Health & Property Maintenance
Village Responsibilities
Among the various responsibilities of the Community Development Department is the enforcement of environmental health and property maintenance. The Village of La Grange has on its staff a State of Illinois-licensed environmental health professional who is responsible for both of these important programs.

Environmental Health
The environmental health officer oversees the food protection program of our village. Detailed plan reviews for new food service facilities are conducted, construction sites are inspected, and food service facilities are inspected on a routine basis. Complaints and inquiries are also addressed by the health officer.

Property Maintenance
The Village of La Grange and its residents pride themselves on having well kept homes, businesses, and properties. Occasionally, a property may fall into disrepair. Should this happen, Community Development Department staff will investigate any valid complaint on a property or any violation of code noted during periodic surveys of the community.

For More Information
If you need information on opening a food service facility or have questions or concerns, please contact the environmental health officer at (708) 579-2320.

Should you have a question about what might constitute a code violation or to express a concern about a property, please contact Community Development at (708) 579-2320.