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When is a Permit Required?
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If you have any questions regarding the operations of the Village, or concerns which you would like to share, please contact Community Development at (708) 579-2320.

Determining Whether a Permit is Required
The following examples are presented as a guideline only to assist the homeowner in determining whether a building permit is required.

No Permit Required 
  • Add to or improve landscaping 
  • Install awnings or shades (residential only) 
  • Install storm doors 
  • Insulate or weather strip 
  • Painting 
  • Replace existing flooring 
  • Replace existing water heater or boiler with same type or size
  • Replace windows or doors (same size)
  • Sealcoat a driveway
  • Replace plumbing fixtures with existing shutoffs: faucets, toilets and shower heads
  • Replace electrical fixtures without any wiring: lights, ceiling fans, switches or outlets
  • Replace existing appliances in same location

Permit Required: Issued Over-the-Counter
  • Add or replace a fence or section of a fence 
  • Add or replace gutters or downspouts 
  • Add or replace public walk or apron 
  • Add or replace siding 
  • Masonry or tuck-pointing 
  • Repair or replace roof 
  • Sewer repair or replacement 
  • Water service repair or replacement
  • Repair or upgrade electric service
Permit & Review Required
  • Add a bay window
  • Add or remodel a bathroom, kitchen, basement attic or any existing room
  • Add repair or replace private service walks, patios, or driveways 
  • Add, alter or enlarge a garage or breezeway 
  • Room additions or any addition to structure
  • Any structural change to a building 
  • Construct an accessory building (shed) 
  • Enclose, replace, or add a porch, deck or stairway
  • Finish a room in an attic or basement 
  • Install a burglar, fire alarm or fire suppression system (Police Department
  • Install a swimming pool (both in-ground and above-ground) 
  • Lawn sprinkler systems 
  • Replace windows and/or doors if original size is changed 
  • Install or replace central air conditioning or furnace or alter duct system
  • Add Interior or exterior fireplace
  • Add or replace a stairway, handrail or guardrail
  • Add standby generator or solar panel system
  • Demolition of structure Cook County permit required
  • Alter grade of exterior area more than 250 sq.ft. or in excess of 12 inches in height
  • Install interior or exterior drain tile or foundation waterproofing
  • Any alterations to the interior electrical system, except service
  • Any alterations to the interior plumbing system
  • Enlarge an apron, add an apron or carriage walk in parkway