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Recycling Plan
Free Curbside Recycling

The Village of La Grange is committed to recycling and has one of the highest recycling rates in the Chicagoland area.

Free curbside recycling is available for all single- and two-family households. Depending on the refuse program option selected, residents will use recycling bins or recycling toters. 

While the curbside program accepts numerous items for recycling, many items not included in the program can be reused or recycled through other sources.

For more information regarding the Village's curbside recycling program please visit Republic Recycling Simplified website.

Charitable Donations
The Village urges residents to consider donating useful items to nonprofit agencies or favorite charitable organizations before choosing disposal. This practice will divert reusable items from landfills and allow persons in need to reuse the items. 

Many nonprofit agencies offer charitable donation collection. Residents can consult their local phone directory for a list of charitable and community organizations that accept donations. Some agencies will provide residential pickup services. Examples of organizations that could be considered include veterans groups, religious charities, resale shops, and school organizations.

The Village's annual Spring Clean Up program is also an opportunity to reuse and recycle unwanted furniture and other items before disposal.  The program is popular with individuals and recyclers that "pick" items typically the night before the event.

Recycling Centers
The Village is a member of the West Cook County Solid Waste Agency. The Agency provides resources to residents and businesses to help support recycling initiatives. For a recycling guide that provides a listing of centers by Cook County municipality that will accept numerous items ranging from books to batteries to tires, please visit the Agency’s website or Earth 911 

For a listing of recycling centers located in DuPage County, please visit the DuPage County website.

Electronics Recycling
Public Act 95-0959 became the law of the State of Illinois in September 2008. The law establishes a statewide system for recycling and/or reusing computers, monitors, televisions, and printers discarded from residences by requiring electronic manufacturers and retailers to participate in the management of discarded and unwanted electronic products.

Effective January 1, 2012, the electronics products noted below are prohibited from being disposed of with your garbage by state law.

Computers (including tablets)
Facsimile Machines
Electronics Keyboards
Electronic Mice
Small Scale Servers
Digital Video Disc Players
Portable Digital Music Players
Digital Video Disc Recorders
Cable Receivers
Satellite Receivers
Video Game Consoles
Digital Converter Boxes
Videocassette Recorders

A permanent electronics recycling collection site is available for residents located in Burr Ridge at 451 Commerce Street.  The site is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For computers, flat screens, projection televisions and monitors, there is a tax deductible fee of $25 per unit for screens under 21 inches and $35 per unit for screens over 21 inches. Payment can be made in advance at Assistance with unloading the items will be provided and proceeds will benefit the developmentally disabled.

For more information regarding the location and acceptable and unacceptable materials please view the Electronics Recycling Collection Flier or call 630-407-6700.

For more information regarding the disposal of electronic waste (e-waste), including other facilities and businesses that offer electronics recycling services, please visit the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's website at
Holiday Recycling 
The Village is committed to recycling as many items as possible through the curbside recycling program, which includes items typically associated with the holidays.  A list of items accepted is located here.

Other Resources
Several websites, like Earth911, offer additional environmental resources and alternative disposal methods for consumers using a searchable database tool. There are also several services that provide free listings of items available in the Chicago area that are available for reuse. Use search words in your computer browser such as “free items” and “local classifieds” to identify websites that provide these types of services.

Recycling Events
The Village of La Grange also helps to promote nonprofit, regionally based recycling events as they are announced. View our event calendar for upcoming Village events.

For More Information
For questions or more information on waste reduction and recycling options, please contact the Village of La Grange at (708) 579-2313.

To view the Village's Solid Waste and Recycling Brochure, please click here.