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Emerald Ash Borer
EAB Discovery
The Illinois Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in La Grange. The insect was first discovered on the 0-100 block of South Spring Avenue in August 2009, where an adult EAB beetle was detected on purple sticky traps. More recently, a tree was discovered near the intersection of Cossitt and Stone Avenues infested with the EAB.

The EAB was first discovered in North America in 2002 in the Detroit and Ontario areas. Since then, it has killed tens of millions of ash trees in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. More locally, the EAB has been found in Chicago, Oak Park, and Burr Ridge. La Grange is among 62 other communities in Cook County where the EAB has been confirmed.

EAB Infestation
The EAB insect is a small, metallic green, non-native invasive pest whose larvae feed underneath bark of the branches and trunks of ash trees. This eventually cuts off a tree's ability to transport nutrients and ultimately causes the tree’s decline.

Ash trees can be infested with EAB for a few years before the tree begins to demonstrate any signs of EAB infestation. Symptoms of EAB include:
  • Canopy dieback
  • D-shaped exit holes
  • Shoots sprouting from the tree trunks
  • S-shaped larval galleries underneath the bark

Village's Management Plan
For more information on the Village's Management Plan, please click here.

Tree Inspection
Village staff members will respond to suspected sightings of EAB. It is very important for area residents to be aware and vigilant in inspecting their ash trees for this pest.  If you suspect you may have found adult or larval forms of this insect, or if you have any trees showing symptoms of EAB, please contact the Village of La Grange's Public Works Department at (708) 579-2328.

Preventative Treatments
For more information on treating the insect, please click here.

For More Information
If you have any questions regarding the EAB, or if you have concerns which you would like to share, please contact the Public Works Department at (708) 579-2328.