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PETE (#1)
  • 2-liter soda bottles 
  • Plastic beverage containers 
  • Plastic plates and trays 
  • Plastic flower pots 
  • Other #1 non-bottle-shaped containers

    HDPE (#2)
    • Laundry detergent 
    • Milk and water bottles 
    • Margarine tubs 
    • Shampoo and personal care bottles 
    • Plastic cups 
    • Baby wipe containers 
    • Other #2 non-bottle-shaped containers
    • No motor oil, anti-freeze, pool chemical, or other hazardous waste containers

    PVC (#3) Plastic Bottles
    • Health and beauty-aid bottles

    LDPE (#4) Plastic Containers
    • Ice cream tubs
    • Miscellaneous dairy product containers

    PP (#5) Plastic Containers
    • Cottage cheese containers
    • Ketchup bottles
    • Sour cream containers
    • Syrup bottles
    • Yogurt containers
    • Miscellaneous condiment bottles

    Other (#6)

    Please note that Polystyrene products (PS #6) are not considered recyclable through the curbside recycling program.  These items are commonly referred to as food grade (styrofoam cups and plates) and packaging grade ("peanut" packaging).  Plastic grocery bags are also not recyclable through the curbside program.  Please do not bundle recyclables in your bin using plastic bags.

    Some of the reasons that these items are not allowed in the curbside program includes: limited to non-existent markets; collection contamination when commingled in recycling bins; material incompatibility (flame retardant vs. non-flame retardant); and extreme negative value associated with the recycling of these materials.

    Some alternative ways of recycling these materials are available to residents.  Major grocery stores offer their own plastic bag recycling programs.  Some mailing / packaging chains (such as Fed Ed, UPS, etc) may accept clean styrofoam packaging materials for reuse.

    For More Information
    If you have any questions regarding recycling, or concerns which you would like to share, please contact Republic Services at (708) 345-7050 or the Village of La Grange at (708) 579-2313.

    You can also visit the West Cook County Solid Waste Agency website for recycling information and a searchable recycling guide.