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Quarry Blasting
From time to time, residents may feel or hear mining activities from nearby quarries located in McCook.  The Village has a positive working relationship with quarry representatives and engages in regular communication with quarry operators to help mitigate impacts to residents.

Residents impacted by blasting are encouraged to report concerns involving mining operations, such as noise, dust, blasting complaints and gravel truck traffic to the Lyons Township Quarry Council hot line at 1-866-934-3278 (1-866-WE-HEAR-U).  Complaints are to be acted on quickly by the respective quarry, and their disposition is then reviewed on a quarterly basis.

The quarry is required to blast within state law requirements.  However, the impacts to residents can vary.  Atmospheric and other conditions can influence the dispersion of shock waves from blasting activities.  Data received from resident reports is compiled and analyzed in order to evaluate potential changes to blast intensity, blast configuration and location of blasts within the quarry itself.
For more information regarding vibration and air blast levels as well as frequently asked questions about blasting, please see click here

Until mining operations cease, impacts from blasting will never be completely eliminated.  However, a cooperative communication effort will help keep disturbances to a minimum.  

Hanson Quarry has announced that they have commenced underground mining activities.  For more information regarding these activities please see the attached brochure.

For more information, please contact the Village Manager's office at (708) 579-2313.